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As the world's leading chemical company, we have a special responsibility towards people and the environment. We also assume this responsibility by practicing "Responsible Care" in animal testing. We are researching intensively into innovative alternative methods of reducing, refining or replacing animal experiments.

Before we place new products on the market, we subject them to all the necessary ecological and toxicological tests and register them with the authorities. International and national directives and regulations on the safety testing of chemicals and crop protection products also require animal experiments for this purpose.


We are constantly searching for ways of reducing, refining and replacing the legally required animal experiments. About one third of all toxicological studies at BASF are already performed using these replacement and supplementary methods. With our research into alternative methods, we are a trailblazer in the chemical industry.


Routine testing involves the use of test methods accepted by the regulator as an alternative to animal studies, as well as systematic screening investigations. We have validated these tests, but not all of themmay have yet been regulatorily accepted.


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A bioassay for the identifications of skin sensitizers.
The cell line is freely available (charge-free).
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Training video


Understanding Toxicology: Skin allergies

Oct. 07, 2014

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"Animal testing is still regulatorily required for a wide range of BASF products. BASF put great effort in the development of innovative alternatives to these animal tests in order to support the 3R-Strategy (Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of animal tests). The shared aim of all applied tests are to proof reliably the safety of the BASF products. Alternatives of Animal Testing is for me as a veterinarian an affair of the heart – for BASF it is a key technology to facilitate the development of safe products, to speed up the registration process, to gain positive reputation and finally to add value in a sustainable manner." (Dr. Barbara Birk, Experimental Toxicology and Ecology)


Visual: Alternative Methods in Use

Alternative Methods in Use

We have already been using alternative methods in routine testing for many years.






Visual: Alternative Methods under Development

Alternative Methods under Development

We are developing and evaluating alternative methods to allow us to reduce, refine or completely replace even more animal experiments in future.




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